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How To Use Same WhatsApp Number On Multiple Mobile Phones by Companion Mode

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature ‘Companion Mode’ that allows people to use one WhatsApp number up to five devices at once, including two smartphones. The latest update how to use one WhatsApp number on multiple mobile phones by ‘Companion Mode‘ is currently available to some Android uses (beta version). It is yet to… More »

YouTube SEO: How To Optimize YouTube Video - Optimization Checklist

YouTube video optimization / YouTube SEO is a bit different from the regular SEO. I have created a list of optimization checklist that will provide you with the visibility you need on YouTube. Before going to YouTube SEO / YouTube video optimization, keep remember that according to Alexa’s global traffic ranking, YouTube is the second… More »

How to Use Regular Expressions RegEx in Google Analytics – Tips and Guide

Regular expressions or RegEx are used to find specific patterns in a list. In Google Analytics, RegEx can be used to find anything that matches a certain pattern. Regular expressions provide a powerful and flexible way to describe what the pattern should look like, using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. For example,… More »

broad match modifier, exact and pharse match keywords excel formula 2

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool and a few of simple Excel formulas can make your life easier when you are dealing with keyword match types such as Broad Match Modifier (BMM), Exact Match and Phrase Match. Targeting right keyword match for your Google Ads/Adwords campaign could prove the most cost efficient and increase the… More »

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