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Kayaar New Year Eve 2021 - All Fireworks Videos From Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK & UAE

New Year’s Eve in UAE is always absolutely massive from Record breaking 35-minute shows, 1.2km of fireworks and more. Here is the full list of fireworks videos that happened across the country on December 31 to ring in the new year. Watch all NYE 2021 fireworks videos from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK),… More »

Google Year In Search 2020 (UAE) - Google Top Trending Searches in 2020 - 3

Google has released its list of the top trending searches in the UAE for 2020, and the top most searches are as expected, “coronavirus,” “US election 2020,” and “Indian Premier League (IPL)” led the way. Below a complete list of Covid-19 Related Queries, Movies and Series, Public Figures and Celebrities, Top trending Cricket Matches, Top… More »

UAE Mars Mission 2020: Watch Emirates Mars Mission Live

UAE is launching its first-ever Mars Mission from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Centre at exactly 1:58am UAE time on July 20, 2020 and you can watch the historic live. The Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe, the first Arab interplanetary mission, has been developed by the UAE. The Hope Probe will be the first spacecraft to provide… More »

Watch Solar Eclipse 2020 in UAE - Live Streaming

Moon is expected to complete its path across the sun by 11.12 am on Sunday, It occur every year or two, and can only been seen from a narrow pathway across the planet. Live Streaming of the International Astronomical Center (IAC) for the Solar Eclipse of 21 June 2020 in UAE. Seen as partial eclipse of… More »

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